Our Philosophy

Playcare Learning Center is an Institution dedicated to educating the future of our community. We are a network of early childhood, our center is ready to satisfy the request of our family. We believe that children learn best through play.

We always encourage self-expression and the direction to be creative. We offer a developmentally appropriate program, so that each child may develop to his/her physical, social, emotional and intellectual potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families meet the needs of their children by providing a safe, educational and consisting environment, to give support to families and be a productive part of our community.

In our center, they learn how to communicate, play and interact with other appropriately. The teachers offer manipulation of materials and activities that motivates the language and vocabulary words, math, science and computing. We also carry programs for art, music, social behavior and dance.

Playcare Learning Center promotes the integral development through various activities designated to stimulate active learning and the development of a healthy personality in the educational environment of the center, considering the community and family as facilitators.

In our program they will opportunities to develop their cognitive and symbolic exercise through activities that encourage the construction of physical-scientific knowledge, logical-mathematical, oral language through the visual arts and music.